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Service after the sale of World Chemical Technology INC
Service after the sale of the World Chemical Technology Company
Sending a technical expert from the company as a course.
Providing weekly and monthly reports on system performance.
Technical training of personnel as scheduled seminars at the site.
Instructions on how to test the effective parameters of chemicals used.
send the test kits required for biological status, including TBC and SRB.



Reverse osmosis package

Cooling towers

The introduction of the Global Chemical Engineering Company

We have developed some of the most successful customized water treatment Programs for Power plants,OIL,GAS and Petro Chemical Industries. We realize that just the chemicals and equipment do not constitute a totally successful water treatment program without the expertise to analyze critical waters, set up the program and monitor the progress of that program . In other words, we realize the importance of Service. In this regard, we have trained some of the best people in the industry to become our “In-site” service engineers.
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