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THroughout this company profile you will find a complete selection of water treatment chemicals, equipment and services provided by World Chemical Technologies, Inc. We have proven expertise in the commercial and industrial areas of:

  • Pretreatment

  • Boiler water treatment

  • Wastewater treatment (Disinfection and toxic chemical destruction)

  • Cooling water treatment

  • Potable water treatment

  • Feeding and control equipmentz

  • Consulting and analytical services

We have developed some of the most successful customized water treatment Programs for Power plants,OIL,GAS and Petro Chemical Industries.We realize that just the chemicals and equipment do not constitute a totally successful water treatment program without the expertise to analyze critical waters, set up the program and monitor the progress of that program . In other words, we realize the importance of Service.

In this regard, we have trained some of the best people in the industry to become our “In-site” service engineers. When you talk to our “In-site” field sales service engineers about your problem , chances are they have already dealt with a similar one and provided an effective solution.


Water Treatment "Chemicals"

1) CWT Series:

Cooling Water TREATMWS


  • Gorrosion Control
  • Scale Control
  • Deposit Control
  • Iron Control
  • Microbiological Control
  • PH Control
  • Anti Fouling
  • All Organic Plus
  • Stabilized Phosphate


2) BWT Series:

Boiler Water Treatments


  • Feedwater Corrosion And Deposit Control Scale And Deposit Control
  • Corrosion Control
  • Oxygen Scavenging
  • Condensate Corrosion Control
  • Carryover/Foam Control
  • Control And "on-line"
  • Removal Of Metal Oxide
  • Deposition Using SSMA


3) CL Series:

Closed System Treatments


  • Corrosion Control
  • Scale Control
  • Bacteria/Slime Control
  • Order Control


4) Biotreat Series:



  • Algae Control
  • Bacteria Control
  • Slime Conbol
  • Cooling Tower Lumber Decay Control
  • Order Control
  • World Chem Slime Control
  • Legionnella Control Chlorine Dioxide
  • Bromine Chemistry


5) Evaporators & Dis Alination:


  • R.O Antifoulant
  • Spray Evaporators
  • Scale Inhibitor
  • MSF Scale Inhibitor
  • MED Scale Inhibitor


6) RC Series:



  • Chemical removal of inorganic deposits
  • Chemical removal of organic deposit
  • Chemical cleaner fouled ion exchange resins
  • Chemical cleaner filters and filter media
  • vaporside cleaning chemicals


7) IP Series:



  • Raw water darification
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater clarification
  • One pass cooling Process water purification Emulsion breaking
  • Hot and cold process softening


8) FY Series:

Fuel Treatments


  • Prevent corrosion and control water storage tanks
  • Prevent sludge accumulations in storage task
  • Improve combustion efficiency
  • Control soot accumulations Control fireside slagging and corrosion


Process "Chemicals"

1) MCC Series:

Chlorine Dioxide Microbiological Control / Toxic Chemical Destrucation


  • Industrial cooling water / One pass and recirculated cooling water systems
  • Food processing industry
  • Fluming waters, recycled wash waters, potable waters, sterilization waters
  • Surface condenser cooling_utiIities
  • Pulp and paper industry paper machine slimeside and recycle water systems
  • Industrial and municipal-One pass and recirculated injection cooling waters
  • Waste treatment disinfection
  • Suger and food processing industries Toxic chemical destruction
  • Industrial and municipal systems


2) FPC Series:

Food Processing / FDA / Approved Chemicals


  • Corrosion, scale and deposit control
  • Retorts and continuous sterilization equipment
  • Corrosion control, potable and one pass coolig systems
  • Control microbiological growths
  • Cooling and fluming waters with chlorine Dioxide and bromine chemistry
  • Can corrosion and spotting prevention


3) SPT Series:

Sugar Processing, Tandem, Preheaters, Evaporators


  • Cleaning chemicals, wetting agents, acid inhibitors
  • Scale control agents for preheaters and evaporators
  • Juice Clarification polymers
  • Defoaming agents
  • Viscosity control surfactants for boiling operations
  • Juice microbiocides
  • Color improvers for mill; syrup clarification and refinery liquor clarification
  • Starch reduction for mills and refineries